JDCA Film Forum:Art and Artist

I was delighted to be a part of the Jatin Das Centre Of Art‘s 8th National Film Festival on Art and Artist held on 11,12 and 13 January 2014 in Bhubaneshwar,Orissa.The eight year old event that started off as a small gathering of sorts now held a full house.


JDCA film forum organises annual,non competitive,thematic,national and international festival on documentary,short and animation films.This year over 40 films were shown to an eager audience followed by interaction with the film maker and artist from across the country.Some interesting film like Shuva and Me:A journey with Shuva Prasanna by the acclaimed director Goutam Ghosh was met with applause.Many films and scholars introduced the spectators to different crafts traditions of India like Kathputli Art,palm leaf portrait paintings,folk song tradition like Ban’s Geet and Wangala Garo festival.


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The focus of the festival was on Folk and Tribal Art and Culture and the participant were introduced to the rich and vaired Oriya culture by way of performances as well as demonstration of crafts and textiles by crafts people.The blending of tribal,folk and contemporary was rather interesting to witness.

My three experimental films-Invocations, Cogito Ergo Sum and Swayamsiddha- Myth,Mind and Movement were shown at the festival.I was happy to have this enriching experience and discussion with the audience who had many words of appreciation as well as useful feedback for an artist.

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Is consciousness conscious?


Last November, I participated in ACT[Artist create together]at National Gallery of Modern Art, Banglore which was conceptualised by a group of fellowperforming artists and was led by me, Murali Cheeroth (Bangalore) and Smitha Cariappa (Bangalore) .

Artist Create together,NGMA banglore 2          Artist Create together,NGMA banglore


The idea was  to provoke an informal interaction between the artist and the audience using performance as the tool of expression and dialogue.

At NGMA Banglore.

Co-ordinated by Lina Vincent, ACT was performed at the parking lot of  NGMA Banglore, the performances by Jeetin Rangher (Kashmir),Katarina Rasic (Serbia), Dimple Shah (Bangalore), Smitha Cariappa, Murali Cheeroth, Clemence Barret (France) and Paramita Das (Kolkata/Edinburgh) drew an enthusiastic group of spectators.

My interactive performance spoke about the ‘one and many’ consciousness of being which I described in poetic verse as follows-

Am I the soul or the body?
Am I the body or its parts?
Am I within another body or there are bodies inside me

Am I the seed or am I a forest
Do I have the potential of a forest? or do I have the potential to be the forest?
Am I the creation or the creator?
Am I one or many?
Am I many in one?
Is consciousness conscious?
I try to find my answers
In color in making my body an instrument
A means where as an end

DSC00328        Artist Create together,NGMA banglore 6

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Performance of Is consciousness conscious?at NGMA,Banglore

I stood against a stark white canvas, arms outstretched, and invited the audience to paint my outline on it. Soon some people began to paint on me instead of around me provoking question of audience agency,participation and violation of one’s body.

While Bangalore put the per-formative energy to the fore,