I AM is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted art form that brings together Seema Kohli’s art and her poetry with movement and music. It combines the subtle evolution and the realization of her experiences, overlapping with the presence of people in her life that has then taken a visual form as art. Paintings, sculpture, drawings, installations, or performance, the experience and the emotion decide on which medium they wish to manifest themselves through.
In 2012 Seema Kohli, published a book ‘I AM’, combining her paintings with verses written by herself. The book came about as a result of her performance and talk done earlier as part of the TEDx talks. Performed again with an addition of music along with dance, she wishes to share the performance with the esteemed audiences of NGMA Bengaluru, using the Mirror Pool stage as a platform.

This program is made possible by
NGMA, the hub for art and culture in the city, functioning under the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. The NGMA Bengaluru serves as a platform for both national and international exhibitions of paintings, sculptures prints, photographs and other artistic projects. Several exhibitions under the cultural exchange programme are being showcased at this three year old centre with the objective of exhibiting the best, and thus being a stage for the cultural ethos of our times in this era of globalisation. With sprawling grounds, a permanent collection, an art reference library, continuous programming for the public and particularly for children, along with a beautiful cafeteria – it has become a space for artistic exploration.

DSC00206 DSC00210

DSC00220 DSC00267

DSC00271 NGMA banglore

And The Mahua Art Foundation.

Mahua Art Foundation was founded in 2000 with the vision of bringing about an awareness of ancient Indian heritage and contemporary art and design. The Foundation is supported by Mahua Art Gallery and has invited eminent scholars and artists for illustrated talks and performances over the years.

DSC00296SHORT PROFILE:Seema Kohli.
Seema Kohli’s works reveal a claiming of feminine subjectivities, an altered concept of feminine sexuality. Since last 30 years Seema Kohli has had over 20 solo shows in NY, Dubai, Singapore Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. Has participated in International art fairs (Basel, Shanghai, Madrid, India). Her work can be seen as public art as murals of 10’ x 100’ at the Delhi International Airport, Mumbai International/Domestic Airport, the Defense Ministry, Tata Residency, Manipal University. She has received the Gold at Florence Biennale 2009,1 Premio “Video, the YFLO Women Achiever’s Award, the LKA National Award for Women in 2008.Her works are a part of private and public Museums including Rubin’s Museum. She has had interactive sessions at TedEx Chennai, WIN Conference Rome, Prague; NGMA Bangalore and other places. She lives and works in Delhi.




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